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Antidote 34


2nd place Kona

Hawaii Coffee Association Cupping Competition 2022

With exceptional quality potential at high altitudes, SL34 is known for flavors characterized by a complex citric acidity, heavy mouthfeel and a clean, sweet finish

With tasting notes of plum, pinot noir, licorice, cola, blueberry, strawberry, winey, rose hip, cranberry, dried apricot, pear, peach, guava, currant and vanilla, you will fall in love with our SL34…as we did!


Antidote Red


So sweet, so complex and so delicate, Red Bourbon is the coffee of coffee…..the pinot noir of coffee!

With tasting notes of Strawberry guava, banana, cocoa nib, honeysuckle and hints of goat cheese, our Red bourbon is richly aromatic, deeply sweet with bright, juicy acidity, very full with a syrupy mouthfeel and will charm the most discerning coffee lovers.


Green beans

Antidote Green


What is green coffee?

Green coffee or green beans are unroasted beans and are most popular for home roasters.

To produce green beans, we process our coffee cherries using the washed method. The wet or wash process removes the skin and pulp of the cherries before fermentation. Fermentation lasts between 12-48 hours and dissolves the layer of mucilage. The beans are then rinsed and laid out to be sun-dried.

The next step is to remove the parchment before the beans can be graded, sorted, and bagged.

Washed coffee is a much sought-after process as the cleanliness of the beans allows you to taste the true qualities of the coffee.

We offer green beans for both our SL34 and Red Bourbon beans. The minimum purchase is 1Lb.


Green beans are UNROASTED beans. Green beans need to be roasted before grinding!

We cannot ship unroasted coffee (green beans) within the state of Hawai’i.

Antidote peaberryAntidote peaberry

Antidote Peaberry


What is Peaberry coffee?

A coffee cherry typically contains two beans that develop with their flat sides facing each other. Sometimes only one of the two seeds is fertilized and develops into a pea-shaped bean known as a peaberry. Only around 5% of all coffee beans harvested are peaberries. It is rare, produces exquisite coffee, and, as a result, is more expensive.

Coffee aficionados claim that coffee made from peaberry tastes sweeter and has more flavor than coffee made from regular beans. And we agree! Peaberry coffee is known as the “Champagne of coffee”. And while initially associated with Tanzanian coffee, it has become a staple of Kona coffee.

Peaberry is available for both Antidote Red and Antidote 34. With sweetness, concentrated and complex flavors, our peaberry coffees will please the most discerning coffee lovers.

You have to try it!




Aloha in a cup!


With a rich and tropical taste, a cup of our Hawaiian coffee is the perfect way to start the day.

You will love it for its low acidity and full flavor.

Smooth and sweet, Remedy will bring sunshine to your day and is sure to become part of your morning routine!