Our single-origin specialty coffee grows on the slopes of Hualalai in the famous Kona Coffee Belt. We own a 5-acre lot located at a small range of altitude in Holualoa producing high quality Specialty coffee.

Named Antidote, our coffee offers unique and complex flavors. And we can’t wait for you to try it!

What is Specialty coffee?

Specialty coffee is the highest grade of coffee available. The term relates to the entire supply chain using only single origin or single estate coffee. Specialty coffee is exceptional quality coffee, both farmed and brewed to a significantly higher than average standard.

Erna Knutsen, the godmother of specialty coffee, first used the term in 1974 in an issue of Tea & Coffee Trade Journal. She described beans produced in special micro-climate delivering exceptional flavor as specialty coffee.

As a result, Specialty coffee should meet three minimum requirements. Only use selective picking by hand of mature beans. Have a maximum of 5 defects per 350 g (12 ounces). And score 80 or above on the 100-point Coffee Review scale.

A score of 80–84.99 is Very Good while a score of 85–89.99 is Excellent. And coffee scoring from 90–100 is Outstanding

Our SL34 scored 86.7 and won 2nd place for District, 5th place for State of Hawaii at the 2022 Annual State of Hawaii Cupping Contest

Our Red Bourbon scored 87.91 and won 3rd place at the Alliance for Coffee Excellence Private Collection Auction for Hawaiian Specialty Coffee in 2021

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