We always roast our coffee at the time of order for best possible taste.

The roasting process is a very important step in the development of the flavor of coffee. For this reason, we carefully monitor each step of the process from drying and browning to development.

We watch the beans change color as we patiently wait for first crack. Next starts the most important phase of roasting – development. Development determines the flavor of the coffee. Consequently, this is where we track temperature and time as beans reach their desired roast.

When you drink freshly roasted coffee, the taste should be intense and flavorful. And by freshly roasting our beans, they will showcase the notes SL34 and Red Bourbon are famously known for!

We offer 4 types of roasts – Light, Medium, Medium-dark and Dark.

We would recommend a medium or medium-dark for both our Antidote 34 (SL34) and Antidote Red (Red Bourbon).